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Consistency is the Key to Healthy Habits

Consistency means staying on track, which means being able to practice the same healthy habits every day. We know that to be healthy, we must do these over and over! The struggle is sustaining these habits over time. That’s why we’ve created our 28-day Healthy Habits Challenge.

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3 Ways to End 2019 on a Good Note

We are officially in the last month of 2019. The last month of this decade! The last 20 days of 2019. These days, of course, include a lot of holidays and celebrations. Many people struggle during this time of year and let those struggles define their entire year. You work hard all year long and then the stress of the holidays, and temptations of various holiday foods and beverages get the best of us. We get it! To help you get through the next 20 days, we want to give you some practical tips to end this year on a good note.

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