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Couple Minute Clinic – Wallballs

Welcome to the Couple Minute Clinic – a quick real-time clinic on a specific movement that will help you improve your technique and get you moving better.

In this episode Coach Nick helps Mike improve his wall ball technique. Nick helps Mike fix his breathing, air squat, the way he holds the wallball, and how he receives the wall ball on the way down.

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How I Found CrossFit and Why I Stick With it (Crystal M)

I have always been athletic and enjoyed competitive sports. One of my staff members Ashley, was a CrossFitter and kept telling me I should come check it out. I kept telling her that CrossFit was for crazy people, plus it was expensive. She was a school teacher, a couple years older than me, and waited tables part-time. She looked great and I could tell she really loved going to the box. One day she came into work and told me that there was a Groupon deal for her box. I decided to try it. Why the hell not?

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