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Nutrition Is About Meeting You Where You’re At

We believe that eating healthy and moving your body is the best way to prevent illness and improve your quality of life. Focusing on eating quality whole foods can greatly improve your health and wellness. Fast, cheap, and easy foods have become a staple in the diet of our culture and it’s creating an epidemic of preventable diseases. Regular physical activity combined with a diet filled with lots of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains can help you to feel better and look better, too. Avoiding items that are packed with added sugar and learning to cook some staple meals can be life-changing. 

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Why Do So Many Veterans Find Their Way to CrossFit?

I have my theories. I can speak to my personal experience and the experiences of the veterans I know. I have veteran friends who are CEOs of large companies. I have veteran friends who work in comfortable 9-5 jobs. I have veteran friends who have been in and out of jail since they got out. I have (many) veteran friends who took their own lives before they were 30.

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