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Save the Newbies!

Try to think back to your first day at CrossFit. It might’ve been years ago, but go down memory lane for a minute. You walked into the gym, the music was loud, there was some dude with a bunch of abs putting a barbell above his head, the rig was shaking from pull ups, Carrie was yelling at her partner to go faster, and it wasn’t even a partner WOD. It was a super intimidating experience. For every single one of us. And honestly, if you think it wasn’t, you’re misremembering.

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What To Do When You’re Sore After a Workout

Do you feel sore after your workouts? Well, good! That means you’re normal! But do you wonder what you can do to help ease that soreness? We can help with that. When we exercise, there are a couple key things happening to our muscles.

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