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How I Found Crossfit, and Why I Stick with it (Shanen)

I originally found out about Crossfit back in 2008 while serving a tour in Iraq. My intention was to use a unique workout program to help me better prepare physically for the rigors of the Ranger Indoctrination Program that I was scheduled to attend shortly after the deployment. Unfortunately we didn’t have much in the way of equipment, plus I didn’t know what the heck a power clean was.

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For 5 weeks we’ve tested and competed instead of trained. We’ve pushed ourselves to new limits, cheered on (and even cried for) our friends, and put in some serious social hours at the gym.

We aren’t machines and it’s time to recover.

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Thank You and Congratulations Firefighter Moel

To try and build something great, you have to have a vision, but far more importantly, you have to have GREAT people on your team who can make that vision a reality. We’re gonna be losing Coach Crystal (the quieter one. haha) for the next 8ish weeks, and while it makes me sad, I couldn’t be happier for her. As a gym and as a community, we believe that it’s our absolute duty to help people achieve their goals and their dreams. That doesn’t just apply to the members.

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We’re Hiring!

Are you looking to help change people’s lives?

Do you wonder if what you’re doing matters?

At your job, do people run up to you, hug you, and thank you for helping them?

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